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Trust, the keystone of Thales's purpose

A company's purpose encapsulates the long-term objectives of its business. It explains why it exists and where it is going.

Giving meaning to what we do

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Defining a purpose has been particularly important for Thales:

  • Because of what we do and the markets we serve, we play a central role in the systems that make societies function.
  • Through our investments in research and development, we help to invent the technologies that shape our common future.

Nearly half of the Group's 81,000 employees took part in a six-month consultation to craft a purpose that expresses our big ambitions and what binds us all together as a company.

Thales's purpose
Building a future we can all trust

Thales's customers are large organisations such as government agencies, administrations, institutions, cities and businesses. The common denominator is that they all provide or operate systems, services and infrastructure that are vital to society in the areas of defence, security, air and rail transport, banking, telecommunications, etc.

In all these areas, trust is a key requirement for our customers and their users. Trust is directly dependent on a number of factors:

Security and Resilience

The security and resilience of our systems needs to be trusted to protect societies from malevolent acts and anticipate future threats.

Ethical considerations

The assurance that ethical considerations will always be the basis of what we do and how we operate is a foundation of trust.

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Responsible, sustainable R&D

An R&D strategy that favours more responsible, more sustainable growth and development creates trust in future products and solutions.

By creating and maintaining trust, and by being trustworthy ourselves, we help to realise the extraordinary potential of technology so that societies can step up to the major challenges of the future.

Covid-19: putting our purpose to the test

The Covid-19 pandemic, with its devastating economic and psycho-social consequences, has been an opportunity for every business to show that its purpose is valid and authentic. The crisis has obliged them to put their corporate responsibility to the test. After years of talking about it, writing reports and issuing statements of intent, it has made them turn their words into action.

Our purpose has continued to be our moral compass in these troubled times, helping us to understand which challenges are the most crucial for our customers and employees, and how to support them best with substantive action and practical solutions while keeping them safe and secure.

Enabling people to work from home securely, managing unmanned air traffic to ensure drone deliveries of medical supplies, keeping national and metropolitan transport systems running so that health workers can travel to work and patients can get the treatments they need, manufacturing ventilators for hospitals, developing contactless solutions to secure purchases and manage flows of people… These are just a few examples of how Thales has interpreted its purpose and put it into practice during a major global crisis.

Team in 2020 wearing masks and keeping physical distance

Thales in a nutshell

Thales is a global technology leader with more than 81,000 employees on every continent. The Group invests in the digital and "deep tech" innovations — connectivity, big data, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity and quantum technologies — that are crucial to the development of a society where humans are at the heart of the decision-making process.

The Group's products, services and solutions support businesses, governments and organisations in five major markets: digital identity and security, defence, aerospace, space and transport. 

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