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Thales Annual General Meeting approves all resolutions submitted

  • All resolutions approved.
  • Dividend of 2.56 euros per share.
  • Renewal of 7 Board members, including Mr Patrice Caine, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer.

The Annual General Meeting of Thales (Euronext Paris: HO) took place on 11 May 2022 at 28, avenue George V, Paris, chaired by Mr Patrice Caine, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer.

With a quorum of 86,31 %, the meeting approved all the resolutions submitted.

These resolutions pertained in particular to the approval of the financial statements for the 2021 financial year, the distribution of a dividend of 2.56 euros per share (including an interim dividend of 0.60 euro), the compensation for the Chairman & Chief Executive Officer and for the Board members, as well as delegations related to financial transactions granted to the Board of Directors

The General Meeting also approved the renewal of Ms Anne-Claire Taittinger, Ms Ann Taylor, Ms Marie-Françoise Walbaum, Mr Patrice Caine, Mr Charles Edelstenne, Mr Loïk Segalen and Mr Eric Trappier as Board members.

The Board of Directors, which met after the General Meeting, renewed Mr Patrice Caine as Chairman & Chief Executive Officer for the duration of his new term as Board member, i.e. until the end of the Annual General Meeting called to approve the 2025 financial statements.

The Board also welcomed Ms Nadine Relier-David as a new director representing the employees. She was nominated by an employee representative organisation to replace Ms Frédérique Sainct, who is retiring, for the remainder of her term.

As from today, the specialized Committees of the Board of Directors are composed as follows:

Strategic and Corporate Social Responsibility Committee:

  • Chairman: Mr Patrice Caine,
  • Members: Mr Charles Edelstenne, Mr Philippe Lépinay, Mr Emmanuel Moulin and
    ​Ms Nadine Relier-David.

Ms Anne Rigail and Ms Marie-Françoise Walbaum also participate in the meetings of this Committee on CSR issues.

Audit and Accounts Committee:

  • Chairman: Ms Anne-Claire Taittinger,
  • Members: Mr Bernard Fontana, Ms Anne-Marie Hunot-Schmit and Mr Loïk Segalen.

Governance and Compensation Committee:

  • Chairman: Mr Philippe Knoche,
  • Members: Ms Anne-Marie Hunot-Schmit, Mr Emmanuel Moulin and
    ​Mr Eric Trappier.

The results of the votes can be found on the Thales Group website at The replay of the General Meeting will be available there soon.

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